For $200,000 Anyone Can Buy the World’s Largest Bottle of Ketchup and more…….


You might ‘relish’ in the idea of owning a place on the “National Register of Historic Places”, well here’s your chance to ‘fork’ over $200,000 to own a little piece of history.


Noted as the “world’s largest bottle of catchup,” the landmark water tower in Collinsville, Illinois is “For Sale”. The 170-foot-tall landmark can be purchased along with the company warehouse for an additional $300,000.


Built in 1949 for the Brooks Old Original Rich and Tangy Catsup Company, the 100,000 gallon tower held water. Sitting unused since the 1960s, the tourist attraction has garnered numerous photographs, but Collinsville has put the landmark up for sale.





The plant later became a warehouse used for shipping and trucking operations of Bethel-Eckert, which for four decades serviced military commissaries before losing its contracts.


Larry Eckert, the owner, initially considered selling the ketchup bottle and warehouse separately, then decided one can’t go without the other.


“Whoever would be interested, you’d need the additional land anyway,” he said.


Eckert said, because the ketchup bottle is on the National Register of Historic Places, he expects the eventual buyer to preserve it.


So for those out there that can ‘muster’ up a cool $200,000 grand and transport this big boy down the highway, you’re in for a ‘meaty’ surprise.







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