A 17th Century Dutch Painting Restored Revealing a Major Hidden Secret



A Dutch painting from the 17th century showing a seascape was recently restored, revealing a huge feature that was previously hidden.

The beach scene in “View of Scheveningen Sands,” painted by Hendrick van Anthonissen around 1630, depicted a few groups of people and … Continue Reading ››

Elias Saavedra – One of the Last Survivors of the Bataan Death March – Passes Away at 96



Elias Saavedra passed away Wednesday at the age of 96. Saavedra is one of the last remaining survivors of the Bataan Death March during World War II. In all, tens of thousands of troops were forced to march to Japanese prison camps in what became known … Continue Reading ››

7 Important Facts You Should Know About the Philippine flag



Filipino knows the Philippine flag, but not everyone is familiar with its symbolism and history. As we celebrate Flag Day, here are some facts that you might have not known about our national emblem:

1. The Philippine flag was heavily inspired by the … Continue Reading ››