Hijo Estates: Tranquility at the Heart of Davao Bay – What More Could You Ask For!!




Hijo Estates is a sprawling 780 hectare plantation that rests at the northern most point of Davao Bay. Located within the borders of the famous Banana Beach Resort, Hijo Estates is a place for those looking for tranquility, while living in a community set in … Continue Reading ››

The Last Crew Member of Enola Gay Dies in Georgia – Gone But Never Forgotten




Theodore Vankirk, know too many as “Dutch”, has passed away at the age of 93. VanKirk is the last living member of those who flew the Enola … Continue Reading ››

What A Group of Students Did To This Homeless Man Will Put You In Awe “Must See” [Video]





What a group of three German students did to this man sitting on the sidewalk will simply put you in awe. One man … Continue Reading ››

1000 Words Cannot Describe This Picture or Its Honorable Notions – A Young Boy Makes a Fateful Decision That Will Empower You





11-year-old Laing Yaoyi of Shenzhen, China had decided his fate this past week as he lay dieing in a hospital. Though his parents were initially shocked, their son’s wishes were noted.


This past Friday Laing … Continue Reading ››

The World’s First Salt-Water Powered Car Gets Approval in Europe


The World's First Salt-Water Powered Car
The World’s First Salt-Water Powered Car – Pretty Snazzy Looking if You Ask Me?


The European company called NanoFlowCell has invented the very first approved car that runs on salt-water. The car dubbed “Quant” is noted as being an … Continue Reading ››