The Infamous Johannes Vermeer Painting is Home to Stay – “Girl With a Pearl Earring”

Mauritshuis Vermeer pearl


Jonannes Vermeer’s “Girl with a Pearl Earring” has returned home from a triumphant tour around the globe. Today the painting will rest in its original gallery at the Mauritshuis … Continue Reading ››

“Fire in the Hole” – Pumping Gas Can Be Dangerous for Stupid People [VIDEO]


The Stop, Drop and Roll advice in fire-safety prevention took a wrong turn this past week at the gas pumps for stupid people. Not only did the man “Stop” to pump gas, he “Dropped” into his car seat and “Rolled” away, … Continue Reading ››

For $200,000 Anyone Can Buy the World’s Largest Bottle of Ketchup and more…….


You might ‘relish’ in the idea of owning a place on the “National Register of Historic Places”, well here’s your chance to ‘fork’ over $200,000 to own a little piece of history.


Noted as the … Continue Reading ››

“Must See Video” These Kayakers Experienced Something That Can Only Happen Once in a Lifetime




Two kayakers in Puerto Madryn, Argentina have gotten the shock of a lifetime from a pod of whales they see swimming just off the coastline.


Trying to view the whales from … Continue Reading ››

2 Billion Trees to Be Planted Along the Highways of India – Creating 300,000 Jobs




The Rural Development Ministry has decided to tackle the “2 birds with one stone” so to say.


Those 2 stones consist of youth unemployment and bad air … Continue Reading ››