“Mother of Pearl” – The Album Release of the Decade by Kenneth Carey

KENS 034
Kenneth Carey – “Mother of Pearl” Album Available in Stores Nationwide and Throughout Asia and the world


Kenneth Carey’s album “Mother of Pearl” is now released in the United States and Abroad. Don’t miss this chance to own … Continue Reading ››

A Newborn the Size of a Cell Phone Lives on In Spite of Odds





A picture of a newborn baby lying next to a cell phone has gone viral, and now, people all over the world are collectively hoping for her survival.


Adilynn Renee was born four months premature to her mother Chelsea Gregory, weighing less than one pound. Although nobody … Continue Reading ››

Archaeologists Make a Rare Discovery in the Secret Tunnels of Teotihuacan

The Grand Pyramid of Teotihuacan – This Past Week a Massive Discovery in a Secret Tunnel of this Great Culture Has Been Discovered


Numerous tunnels run along the outskirts of Mexico City in what is known as the pre-CContinue Reading ››

From The First Day He Spoke This Boy Told of an Afterlife – Describing His Life in Barra Scotland [Amazing Video]

Kisimul Castle in the waters off the coastal bay of Barra




Cameron is a young boy from Glasgow, Scotland. Since the day he could talk, this young man spoke of a life, family and details of his family in Barra.


Barra is part of … Continue Reading ››

Historian Donates Notes and Rare Abraham Lincoln Photo




A rare image provided by the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum shows the only known photograph of Lincoln lying in a coffin.


This past week historian Ronald Rietveld donated the image to the president’s Springfield, IllinoisContinue Reading ››