A Massive 1000-Year-Old Viking Treasure is Discovered in Scotland

A massive hoard of 1000-year-old Viking treasure has been found in the same field as last year’s remarkable coin find


A massive hoard of Viking gold and silver treasures has been discovered by in Scotland by a man using a simple metal detector.


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The “Iron Lady” Receives a Stunning Retrofit In Paris, France




The Eiffel Tower, often called the “Iron Lady”, has received a stunning retro-fit to its already historic structure. The highly anticipated facelift was unveiled this past week to something that is bound to attract those to the floor that many never see.



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An Apartment Floor Covered In Bread -When You See Why, Your Faith In Man-Kind Will Be Renewed

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Allan Law is a man you often might hear about, but seldom see. He lives for others and dedicates his life to helping those in need, or even those that simply need a helping-hand.


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