Religion Will Become Extinct in Nine Countries, study says

Religion Will Become Extinct in Nine Countries, study says

Original 1948 “Air Force One” Airplane Flies Again [Video]

BRIDGEWATER, Virginia – The first and original “Air Force One” has made it back to the air, flying tall and proud once again in the U.S.

The 1948 Lockheed C121A Constellation was collecting dust and rust in an airport in Arizona – it has now taken flight to Bridgewater, Virginia where it … Continue Reading ››

Letter written by John Lennon, aged 11, expected to reach $50,000 or More

The earliest known letter written by John Lennon is expected to fetch more than $50,000 at auction next month.

The 11-year-old Lennon put pen to a fold-out note card shortly after Christmas 1951 to thank his Aunt Harriet for the presents she gave him including a book about famous ships.

Lennon regularly wrote to his … Continue Reading ››

‘The Notebook 2’ Coming to Theaters After 14-Year Wait – Filming to Take Place in Jacksonville, Florida

The incredibly popular Nicholas Sparks film The Notebook from 2004 is returning with a sequel tentatively entitled The Notebook 2 and will be filmed in the Jacksonville, Florida area.  Nick Cassavetes is returning as director and Nicholas Sparks has a finished screenplay in hand as filming is set to begin this fall.  Ryan Gosling and … Continue Reading ››

Behind closed doors – Supreme Court ponders legalized marijuana challenge

In private conference today, an eight-Justice Supreme Court may decide the fate of a battle between three states over the legalized production and sale of marijuana in Colorado.

The petition in Nebraska and Oklahoma v. Colorado is an original jurisdiction case, where the complaint between the states is sent directly to the Supreme Court, with no … Continue Reading ››