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A 71-Million-Year-Old Treasure Trove of Fossils Discovered in Antarctica

ANTARCTICA – In a stunning discovery, scientist have unearthed a treasure trove of fossils that date back 71-million years.

Located in one of the most remote locations, the journey itself complicates the discovery, but what has been found there is beyond anyone’s belief.

An international team of scientist took that difficult trip, bringing home a cache of ancient marine fossils – the trove includes dinosaurs, birds and other endless marine creatures, all from the Cretaceous Period.

Just to reach the remote location, the scientist flew into South America, then took a five-day trip through the Drake Passage.

To those that don’t know, Drake Passage is considered one of the roughest seas on Earth – the team was battled with seasickness throughout the entire five-day ordeal.

Once the group arrived they set up a home base with the assistance of helicopters and inflatable boats.

In a press release, Steve Salisbury, a researcher at the University of Queensland said “It’s a very hard place to work, but it’s an even hard place to get to.”


Salisbury and eleven other scientists from the U.S., Australia and South Africa made their way to James Ross Island, located on the Antarctic Peninsula.

Over a five week period, the team camped on Vega Island, hiking over six miles a day to reach their main hunting ground where they systematically sorted through slopes of rocks.

In all, the group retrieved over a ton of fossils – the massive finding may take years to properly catalog and study, but for now the fossils will make their way to Chile and then to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania to the Carnegie Museum of Natural History.



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