Acoustic Smooth Ken Carey Performs “Across Time” For Those Living in the Philippines


Kenneth Carey Singing his acoustic hit “Across Time”



Kenneth Carey has spent a lifetime composing, performing and singing the hits that only a man of his stature could produce. Ken comes from a long line of talent and performances throughout America, Europe and Asia.


Today Ken makes his life in the Philippines, living, loving and learning the unique styles and composure that Filipino people love so much. From performing throughout Luzon, the Visayas and Mindanao, Ken has performed in solo and in groups throughout the Philippines archipelago.


“Across Time” is just one of Ken’s greatest hits on YouTube, his modernistic Santana smooth hit “Back into the City” has taken the Philippines by storm. The entire video is shot throughout Davao City, a place where Ken now calls home too.


For those interested in knowing more on Ken and his eclectic music, check out YouTube or go to and see his unique and energetic videos.




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