Amazing Video – Giant Bear Rescues a Drowning Crow From Pond “MUST SEE”


A drunk crow goes into this bar……………  oh wait you heard that one before, but not this one!


The zoo in Budapest almost has a victim drown last month when someone got into the bear cage and nearly drowned in the ‘bear pool.’


That little someone happens to be a visiting crow, who somehow slips off the rock and falls into the water. Terrified, the bird panics but cannot escape the depths of the pond.






Along comes hope when the giant bear swoops down to investigate but only frightens the crow to the depths of the waters.


The crow struggles and appears to be running out of strength when something amazing happens. The big ‘care bear‘ picks up the crow by leaning over and swopping it up with his sharp claws.


Once the crow is on land it takes a bit to gain its composure.  The crow is so shocked he doesn’t even have the strength to fly away, partly bewildered and partly unable.


The bear seamlessly walks off and goes about his eating frenzy.


Absolutely Amazing!





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