An Apartment Floor Covered In Bread -When You See Why, Your Faith In Man-Kind Will Be Renewed

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Allan Law is a man you often might hear about, but seldom see. He lives for others and dedicates his life to helping those in need, or even those that simply need a helping-hand.


His doctor’s warn Allan that he is putting his health at major risk – not enough sleep, exposing himself to the harsh winter elements and his relentless drive to do what is right.


You won’t see Allan on any magazine cover, matter of fact you won’t see him much in media at all, he is simply one of those that do it because he has a desire too.







Allan has committed his life to serving the homeless of Minneapolis, delivering hundreds of sandwiches and other basic necessities from the back of his minivan.


In 2013, Allan delivered just over 500,000 sandwiches throughout the streets of the city he loves. Making him the ultimate “Sandwich Man” – and the ultimate “American Hero.”




Allan does this every night, 7 days a week and he does it at a time when everyplace else runs out of places or spaces to help those in need. He runs in the night, helping those that skipped eating that day or simply have no gloves, clothes or basic thermals against the elements of the harsh Minnesota nights.


He often gives short talks to those that assist him in making these sandwiches, so in a sense the community knows Allan and they know what he does, he does right. It is often heard that he just doesn’t ‘preach it, he practices it too.’




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