Archaeologists Make a Rare Discovery in the Secret Tunnels of Teotihuacan

The Grand Pyramid of Teotihuacan – This Past Week a Massive Discovery in a Secret Tunnel of this Great Culture Has Been Discovered


Numerous tunnels run along the outskirts of Mexico City in what is known as the pre-Columbian city of Teotihuacan. Recently one of the biggest discoveries has been found in those tunnels, a massive tomb to the elite members of a society that lived in the highest form.


A team of archaeologists have reached the end of a 340-foot long tunnel after excavating its entire length. The team has cataloged pottery, animal bones, relics and even minuet items like seeds.


Nearly 60 feet beneath the Temple of the Plumed Serpent, archaeologists uncovered a large offering at the entrance to a sealed chamber.



Mexiko 2006; Mexico City



“Because this is one of the most sacred places in all Teotihuacan, we believe that it could have been used for the rulers to … acquire divine endowment allowing them to rule on the surface,” said project leader Sergio Gomez. 


The tunnel has been closed off somewhere near A.D. 250. An initial study by the National Institute of Anthropology and History has given this time frame from various tests in and around the chamber entrance.








So far Sergio Gomez and his team have only excavated 2 feet of the chamber, estimating it may take as much as a year to do a full excavation of the room itself.


Large portions of the Teotihuacan have yet to be examined or even discovered due in part to its massive size.


Until now very little has been known about the power structure of Teotihuacan, in part because none of the leaders or elite of the city had been discovered.






From these discoveries it is possible that history buffs will find out if the leaders of this massive city were in fact given rights by hereditary decree or if they were decided by other means, like voting etc.


Teotihuacan dominated central Mexico from 100 B.C. to approximately A.D. 750. The city is believed to have housed some 100,000 people. The area was abandoned around the 14th century which marks the rise of the Aztec civilization known best in recent history.






Today it is still unknown why the Teotihuacan abandoned this site and why their society seamlessly collapsed long ago.


One popular theory that seems to be slowly uncovering is that the poorer and lower class people lead an uprising against the wealthy elite, in essence killing them and overtaking a city that lead to its final demise.


Some of the Stunning Relics that have been Excavated from the Region of Teotihuacan:


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