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I have been lucky in life in many ways and I've seen the secrets that so many seek or think of in their lifetime. I still am on a quest to find more, see more and do more and this site is yet another link to the next level or next life that stands in front of me.

The Beauty of Mati City, Davao Oriental, the Philippines


A Beautiful Silhouette Image of Masau, Mati Bay
A Beautiful Silhouette Image of Masau on the bay of Mati City


Mati City has had a long standing place in my heart. Not only did this quaint little town … Continue Reading ››

M*A*S*H 4077th — Radar O’Reilly’s Teddy Bear Sells Under the Hammer at Auction



Just this past week a famous little teddy bear hit the auction block for the 2nd time in its life. The infamous Radar O’Reilly bear from the TV hit series the 4077th M*A*S*H.


Radar’s teddy just … Continue Reading ››

5-10-20 Appraisals ~~~ Our New Site Platform


     This will be our new platform for 5-10-20 Appraisals. This will be linked to our popular Facebook site and other sources to make it easier to stay in touch, download images for us to see and keep in contact. Many Thanks to the past customers … Continue Reading ››

To Drive or Not to Drive In the Philippines; ‘Even Shakespeare would give a Think on It’

Our New Site on WordPress

Poor Man in the Philippines

This will be our new platform for “A Poor Man’s Guide to Living in the Philippines”. This and all or our current endeavors will be running off of this same platform, so expect it to be fairly large over … Continue Reading ››