The Beauty of – The Notebook– A Decade of Celebration for Love, Hope and a ‘Promise’



Many of us have seen it; most of us have seen it more than once, the motion picture movie, “The Notebook.”


From its first showing just over 10 years ago today, ‘The Notebook was bound to be an American classic. The time frame of the last decade seems just like yesterday, and the times that have gone by so quickly reminds most of us how delicate life truly is.


This film was a huge success , not because of its historic content or the beauty of restoring a dilapidated home, but because everything it was and is, dictates what every one of use hope for.





The book turned movie, was written by Nicholas Sparks and directed by Nick Cassavetes. It featured Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams, and the duo lifted the very creation like nothing Sparks could have dreamed of. In the end, it is today the 12th highest grossing love movie of all times.


Set in the 1940s, the movie is narrated by James Garner, telling the story to the love of his life, his wife Allie, played by Gena Rowlands.


The two, meeting at a carnival, quickly fell in love, but that love as all do, created strange curves and spaces that many of us cannot foresee. Not only is their love forbidden by social class but her family takes Allie away, far away from a life that cannot be.





 The very first place that Noah made love to Allie becomes a ‘promise’, a formidable pursuit that Noah keeps even after she is taken from him. He takes years, even after his father’s death, to make his ‘promise’ come true. But like a hidden love, his very own father sold their old house, so Noah could keep his ‘promise’ and build the dream that would forever change his life.


Today the “promise” is a true home, standing tall and proud for those that could never let this movie or this love go away from them.


Located just outside of Charleston, South Carolina, the ‘promise’ stands today tall and proud for anyone that adores a romantic notion or a beautiful photograph to remember.


Built by Daniel Freeman Towles, the house was originally constructed in the 1880’s and lived in by Towles and his wife until 1927 when Daniel died in a mining accident.


It is without a doubt that “if these walls could talk” everyone would know that even before a movie, before production…… this house too had a ‘promise.’





The dramatic conclusion of the movie has Noah in the local papers dictating his story for restoring a house and relaying his message of love, once again, the love of a ‘promise.’


That one single day set into motion a series of events which not only helped Allie find her way back again, but also allowed Noah to shine in the glory of his achievement.






Not only did Allie find her way back to the house, but she too found her feelings overpowered by an entity that never truly left. Torn between reality and a ‘promise’ she made to another man, that ‘promise’ was always trumped by another, the original if one must say.


She not only found her way back to that very same house, back to the very beginning, as if living in a time machine, but she found her way back to a love she could never forget.


For those of us that know this movie, we all celebrate in the idea that 10 years of a single movie is not enough. Those that see this film over and over again no doubt are they themselves looking for something unique, something special: a ‘promise’ perhaps?






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