Bring Out the Butter – A Record Catch, An 18-Inch Mantis Shrimp Caught in Florida
The Largest Manta Shrimp Ever Seen – 18″ inches Long Total




A huge, 18-inch crustacean has been pulled from the waters of a Florida dock that are about as shocking as they come. Even Florida State Wildlife Officials have never seen anything like it.


Mantis shrimp are nothing like normal shrimp that you see at the supermarket. These scaly creatures with multiple legs and claws can snap out and pinch you at speeds of up to 50mph. Their claws are unique as they are almost like a spring-type-mechanism that can catch many people off-guard.


“These types of crustaceans have eyes on stalks that can move independently of one another,” said the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC).


The creature was described as having been “striking its own tail” as it was reeled in off the Fort Pierce, Florida docks.


After taking some photographs of the unique create he told officials that he was letting it go.





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