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Goat Breaks Out, Goes on Starbucks Run

ROHNERT PARK, Calif. – Police say a goat apparently needed a caffeine fix when it wandered into a Starbucks in Northern California.

Rohnert Park police Sgt. Rick Bates says dispatchers received several calls Sunday morning about a goat named Milly wandering around a strip mall on the city’s eastern edge.

Bates says employees … Continue Reading ››

From The First Day He Spoke This Boy Told of an Afterlife – Describing His Life in Barra Scotland [Amazing Video]

Kisimul Castle in the waters off the coastal bay of Barra




Cameron is a young boy from Glasgow, Scotland. Since the day he could talk, this young man spoke of a life, family and details of his family in Barra.


Barra is part of … Continue Reading ››

A 1957 Buick Station-Wagon, Jay Leno and George W. Bush – The Recipe For Charitable Success


You might be asking yourself…….. what do these three subjects have to do with having a successful charity auction. No doubt the three elements of surprise came together at the opportune moment and turned good day into a ‘great day.’


The story begins at Pebble Beach, … Continue Reading ››

The Infinite Power of Time & Space – A Stunning Look at the Stars Above [Video]



In one of the most beautiful and mesmerizing videos of the stars and infinite space above  us,  this documentary of that beauty is simply stunning, to say the least.


Created from over 20,000 photographic images, the entire process took just over 3 years to complete. The … Continue Reading ››

The Stairwell – One Heavenly Step Into The Stars of Davao City


stair 1


Davao City, like most cities in the Philippines, tends to change quickly. Not only has the speed of the 21st century hit the biggest city on the island of Mindanao, but that very speed often gets caught up in a ‘Continue Reading ››