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Researchers Swim With Millions of Anchovies Off Coast of Southern-California [VIDEO]




Millions of anchovies gathered along the shores of Southern California. Scientists there say they haven’t seen anything like it in 30 years or more.


To get a closer look several marine biology professors and their grad students from the Scripps Institution of Oceanography at the University of California, San Diego, took a dip … Continue Reading ››

“Ahhhh, Ma’am, There’s A Lemur on Your Baby” – That Scary but Unforgetable Moment at the Zoo

At Tanganyika Wildlife Park in Goddard, Kansas, you may, according to its website, “find yourself face to face with a kangaroo, have a giraffe eating out of your hand, or look up to a ring-tailed lemur on your shoulder.”

Or, in Angie … Continue Reading ››

An Amazing $500,000 Basement Make-Over of Star Trek Enterprise Deck [Must See Video]


“Star Trek” fan says it took 1,500 hours over three years to build his personal Enterprise





A Star Trek fan in Long Island is garnering attention from around the globe after spending $500,000 to turn the basement of … Continue Reading ››

Hotel Valet Crashes New Lamborghini at 5-Star Hotel – Total Loss $580,000 [Live Video]


Man look at this crash of a new Lambo
Crashed Lamborghini Spyder in New Delhi, India – All Total $580,000 In Damages



The valet at a 5-star hotel in New Delhi, India. The … Continue Reading ››

Buzz Aldrin Says He “Saw UFO” during 1969 Apollo 11 Mission


Buzz Aldrin, the second man to set foot on the moon, said he glimpsed an unidentified flying object during the Apollo 11 flight.


The astronaut also said the first humans to set foot … Continue Reading ››