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New, Notes and Happenings from Around the Globe

The Infamous Johannes Vermeer Painting is Home to Stay – “Girl With a Pearl Earring”

Mauritshuis Vermeer pearl


Jonannes Vermeer’s “Girl with a Pearl Earring” has returned home from a triumphant tour around the globe. Today the painting will rest in its original gallery at the Mauritshuis … Continue Reading ››

“Fire in the Hole” – Pumping Gas Can Be Dangerous for Stupid People [VIDEO]


The Stop, Drop and Roll advice in fire-safety prevention took a wrong turn this past week at the gas pumps for stupid people. Not only did the man “Stop” to pump gas, he “Dropped” into his car seat and “Rolled” away, … Continue Reading ››

“Must See Video” These Kayakers Experienced Something That Can Only Happen Once in a Lifetime




Two kayakers in Puerto Madryn, Argentina have gotten the shock of a lifetime from a pod of whales they see swimming just off the coastline.


Trying to view the whales from … Continue Reading ››

2 Billion Trees to Be Planted Along the Highways of India – Creating 300,000 Jobs




The Rural Development Ministry has decided to tackle the “2 birds with one stone” so to say.


Those 2 stones consist of youth unemployment and bad air … Continue Reading ››

Rescue Diver Saves Sea Turtle – His Little “Thank You” Will Put You In Awe [VIDEO]

Screen Shot 2014-07-15 at 11.13.14 AM_0


If you’ve never seen a GoPro video on YouTube, you should take the time to see some of the greatest animal rescues around the globe. Their videos of rescues and other meaningful adventures to save the planet and those who inhabit … Continue Reading ››