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Christie’s to Sell Vivid Blue Oppenheimer Diamond Ring – with Pre-Sale Estimates at $45 Million

GENEVA, Switzerland – Christie’s Auction will offer one of the largest, and quite arguably the highest-quality fancy vivid blue diamond to ever cross the auction block.

Named by its previous owner, the late Sir Philip Oppenheimer, the 14.62-carat, rectangular-cut diamond is just one of the standout lots at Christie’s Magnificent Jewels event in Geneva next … Continue Reading ››

Painting Discovered in Attic Room is $135 million Carayaggio, say experts

Painting Discovered in Attic Room is $135 million Carayaggio, say experts

PARIS, France – A painting discovered in an attic in southwest France is all but confirmed to be a $135 million (USD) painting by famed Italian master Caravaggio.

The painting was discovered in 2014, and has gone through extensive research to find out … Continue Reading ››

Naked Justin Bieber Photographs Just Keep Growing on the Internet

GQ MAGAZINE – Justin Bieber went on a wilderness exploration – camping extravaganza over the weekend, which of course begged for Instagram documentation, which of course resulted in a bare-butt photo.


The caption, a delicate “dat ass doe,” points to the reliable self-confidence that has turned so many doubters into Beliebers.


Yet this Instagram post begs the … Continue Reading ››

A Massive 1000-Year-Old Viking Treasure is Discovered in Scotland

A massive hoard of 1000-year-old Viking treasure has been found in the same field as last year’s remarkable coin find


A massive hoard of Viking gold and silver treasures has been discovered by in Scotland by a man using a simple metal detector.


The … Continue Reading ››

Acoustic Smooth Ken Carey Performs “Across Time” For Those Living in the Philippines


Kenneth Carey Singing his acoustic hit “Across Time”



Kenneth Carey has spent a lifetime composing, performing and singing the hits that only a man of his stature could produce. Ken comes from a long line of talent and performances throughout America, Europe … Continue Reading ››