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Hijo Estates: Tranquility at the Heart of Davao Bay – What More Could You Ask For!!




Hijo Estates is a sprawling 780 hectare plantation that rests at the northern most point of Davao Bay. Located within the borders of the famous Banana Beach Resort, Hijo Estates is a place for those looking for tranquility, while living in a community set in … Continue Reading ››

“It Simply Can Happen To Any of Us” A Poignant Video – American’s Reaching the Breaking Point


The New Face of Homelessness - An Epidemic in the State of Florida
The New Face of Homelessness – An Epidemic in the State of Florida



“I speak four languages.”


“I’ve built robots.”


“I have a degree in biology from West Virginia University.”


These aren’t statements from renowned … Continue Reading ››

The $399 Billion Dollar Debackle – Pentagon’s F-35 Plane Gone Nowhere



Burying bad news before a long holiday weekend, the Pentagon announced just before 9 p.m. on July 3 that the entire F-35 Joint Strike Fighter fleet was being grounded after a June 23 runway fire at Continue Reading ››

F-16 Jet Fighter Landing at Air Show – Watch How Many People Hit the Deck [Dramatic Video]




Talk about a close call.

A group of spectators at the RAF Waddington Airshow on July 5 in the U.K. were in for quite a surprise when a TurkishF-16 jet fighter made a landing literally inches from their heads.

Video captured the moment, which sent several … Continue Reading ››

“Meet & Greet” From The Expats Group “Friends of Mindanao” and “D.I.S.C.”


Friends of Mindanao Expat GroupThis is the ne logo for the ‘FOM’ Expats Group for the island of Mindanao. Located in Davao City “Friends of Mindanao” is one of the oldest running expats group in Davao City and the surrounding area.