“Fire in the Hole” – Pumping Gas Can Be Dangerous for Stupid People [VIDEO]


The Stop, Drop and Roll advice in fire-safety prevention took a wrong turn this past week at the gas pumps for stupid people. Not only did the man “Stop” to pump gas, he “Dropped” into his car seat and “Rolled” away, creating a dangerous situation.


The fuel stop in Muscat, Oman near the Persian Gulf has a typical security camera and shows the disaster unfolding at the pumps.


The two men on scooters stop to fill up their tanks, but one of them appears to kick start his scooter when suddenly the cycle erupts into a ball of flame.


As the pair flee, the man at the pumps takes a second to realize that something is horribly wrong. When he sees the first he rushes to the car, jumps in and drives off – without giving thought to unhooking the gas pump.


As anyone can predict, the car rips the nozzle away and the fuel line separates, spilling fuel around the pump and the entire scene explodes into a ball of fire.





“Attempts by the gas station attendant to put out the fire were pointless,” the video description states. “The fire started at around 11.45pm was immediately brought under control by the fire brigade.”


Thankfully, firemen noted, “No casualties were reported.”





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