From The First Day He Spoke This Boy Told of an Afterlife – Describing His Life in Barra Scotland [Amazing Video]

Kisimul Castle in the waters off the coastal bay of Barra




Cameron is a young boy from Glasgow, Scotland. Since the day he could talk, this young man spoke of a life, family and details of his family in Barra.


Barra is part of Scotland, but rests some 220 miles from Glasgow, a remote region with only 1,000 inhabitants. But Cameron’s memory is highly detailed, speaking of life on Barra, his mother’s name, his family and airplanes that landed on the beach, his dog and much more.






Barra is part of the British Isles, accessible by boat or a one hour prop plane ride from the mainland. Cameron is now 5 and he is going to visit for the first time the island of Barra that he speaks so much of.


Once there, what he spoke of is true and his life, memory and new life are looked at from numerous points of view.






The documentary about afterlife – the understanding – the meaning and the eerie, but often dramatic comparison of a life before and the life that he lives today.


Take the time to view this unique and often disturbing video of a young boy and his past life in Barra……………. ‘The Mind Unleashed.’










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