Florida Couple Dials 911 After “Freaked Out Cat” Traps Them in Bedroom




A Florida couple dialed 911 this past weekend after their cat “Freaked Out” and attacked them. The couple were trapped in their bedroom in Deland, Florida for several hours before being rescued.


Teresa and James Gregory called police after arriving home and found themselves in an altercation with their 22 pound Himalayan cat.


The cat has never had any shots or vaccinations so the couple were alarmed, saying “She tore me and my husband up, ’cause we left her in the bathroom all day, so I let her out and she was OK. Then, she saw my husband and she freaked,” Teresa explained.


“I got her out of the bedroom, and now she’s in my living room and I can’t get out. She’s got us trapped in our bedroom. We just need her out of our house. We don’t know what to do.” said the call from 911.
cat attack



Deland Animal Control officers eventually arrived and overtook the cat, Kush, the cat’s name, is now quarantined for a minimum of 10 days.


The Gregory’s suffered multiple scratches and marks on their hands, legs, ankles and other various parts of their bodies.


The Gregory’s are not the only couple to ever be trapped in their home by a cat. In March, an Oregon State couple dialed 911 when their cat went on a rampage as well.



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Just for Fun, “Cats Gone Wild”
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