What A Group of Students Did To This Homeless Man Will Put You In Awe “Must See” [Video]





What a group of three German students did to this man sitting on the sidewalk will simply put you in awe. One man comes up, drops some money in the homeless man’s hat and then ask for something.


The young man asked to borrow his bucket; reluctantly he finally gives in after the young man says he wants to play some music/drums with it.






What happens next is very unique as two others join in, one playing his guitar and the other a singer, and together they play something that is very fitting. The video is very well done but listen to the song they sing……………. What a fitting tune to the tempo of the moment.


The best part is that the crowd loves the music and they gladly put money into the hat for them, but wait, that isn’t the best part.


Watch closely at the man hands his hat to the homeless man, filled with change but you might notice he doesn’t take the hat back; he gives his own hat to the gentleman.


As the singing trio walks away you’ll quickly notice that the group has a bag of hats to spread around town, as they head off to the next gig and the next homeless person they see begging on the streets in Germany.





It’s 3 thumbs up for this video, tempting even me to join their facebook group as noted at the very end of video.







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