Hijo Estates: Tranquility at the Heart of Davao Bay – What More Could You Ask For!!




Hijo Estates is a sprawling 780 hectare plantation that rests at the northern most point of Davao Bay. Located within the borders of the famous Banana Beach Resort, Hijo Estates is a place for those looking for tranquility, while living in a community set in the beauty of nature.







Hijo is a continued step in bringing together the beauty of an expansive coconut grove that has evolved around a luxury resort, and is now sprawling to the interiors of this massive estate. The beauty of the land that surrounds the northern-most regions of Davao Bay is simply breath-taking to say the least. This feature alone is why so many enjoy the unique features of this stunning estate on the outskirts of Tagum City.







The cool-calm and clear waters of the bay are inviting and the upscale resort is just part of the advantage of building a new home in Hijo Estates. From onsite forests to tropical groves of coconuts and bananas, to the private beaches and resort amenities, the homes of Hijo Estates are ideal for those looking for a home-away-from home.


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The optional building scenarios for this bustling estate vary from the Plantation Villa Bungalows to the two-story Villas. The impressive larger villas are bound to be a favorite for larger families or those demanding the very best in upscale housing.






The entire Plantation is encased not only by the beauty of the bay, but also by the twin-rivers of Ibuganon, both highly scenic and exciting to tour through. The Plantation is in a turning point where multiple developments are happening within its borders. From additional beach and leisure resort developments, residential developments, commercial town center and even an industrial estate with an International Port are being built at this time. The new and exciting growth within this superb community is simply one reason to come take a look at the possibilities that can map-out the rest of your life.




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Not only does Banana Beach Resort and the Hijo Plantation combine gracefully together, they offer amenities to one another that will entertain both the leisure resort goers and those of Hijo Estates. The Lanikai Heritage House is a family owned estate, turned resort with a stunning infinity pool that beckons anyone in for a dip. Resting on a private region of the Davao Bay, the expansive views of this stunning early home is simply amazing.




“The Spot” is just another added feature of the plantation that allows guests to take their hand at a little fishing. After reeling in a few, anyone can have them cooked on the spot at the waterfront restaurant that rests just behind the ‘welcome center’ into Banana Beach Resort.

From Plantation Tours to River Tours and even a Tour of the deep forests that rest within the plantation are just a few more additional benefits of living in Hijo Estates. Forest tours including a extensive hanging bridge along with foot paths through the deep jungles. Along the way you’ll see plenty of wild monkeys, wild boars and towering tree that have been here for hundreds of years.






Hijo Estates is the perfect selection for Expats and foreigners alike that are looking for a peaceful, secure and highly regarded place to call home to. From the gated community, to the proposed Linear Park, this is a ‘must see’ place for those looking to live in the beauty of the Philippines.





Plantation Villas at Hijo Estates – a perfect combination of exquisite homes that offer much more than any normal subdivision or estate-groups can. Hijo simply offers some of the best estates within the Philippines by presenting large lot sizes that are budget minded while screening those that want to join in ownership of this limited community project.








Hijo Estates

Hijo Plantation

Barangay Madaum

Tagum City – Davao Del Norte



For more information on this outstanding estate, Please call me personally at 0908-664-9156 and let’s discuss your little piece of heaven in the beauty of the Davao Bay region.



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