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Original 1948 “Air Force One” Airplane Flies Again [Video]

BRIDGEWATER, Virginia – The first and original “Air Force One” has made it back to the air, flying tall and proud once again in the U.S.

The 1948 Lockheed C121A Constellation was collecting dust and rust in an airport in Arizona – it has now taken flight to Bridgewater, Virginia where it will undergo a complete renovation to the interior and exterior.

The four-engine airplane will be restored by Dynamic Aviation Group – the company will recreate the interior as it looked with President Dwight Eisenhower used it the fly around the world.

History shows that the Lockheed airplane is lucky to be in one piece today, in 1953, it nearly collided with another aircraft over New York City. Air traffic controllers confused the flight numbers of Eastern Airlines flight 8610 and the President’s plane, which at the time was called Air Force 8610.

The original name “Air Force One” was devised to avoid any future confusion but did not become its official name till 1962.

Today, any large aircraft carrying a sitting American president is automatically called “Air Force One.”


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