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Painting Discovered in Attic Room is $135 million Carayaggio, say experts

Painting Discovered in Attic Room is $135 million Carayaggio, say experts

PARIS, France – A painting discovered in an attic in southwest France is all but confirmed to be a $135 million (USD) painting by famed Italian master Caravaggio.

The painting was discovered in 2014, and has gone through extensive research to find out who painted the masterpiece.

The stunning piece of art depicts the Biblical heroine Judith beheading an Assyrian General – though many novices see it as grotesque, it now is being considered a masterpiece by the Italian artist.

Art experts believe the painting holds a modest valuation at at least 120 million euros (or approximately $135 million dollars).

The painting was discovered when the owners of the home discovered a leak in the roof, a repairman needed to enter a room in the attic which was locked – the owner told the repairman that they have never opened that room in all the years they lived in the home. Inside that room was the discovery of the Caravaggio.

The painting is thought to have been painted around 1604 – 1605 in Rome by Michalangelo Merisi, known as Caravagio – the painting is in exceptional preserved condition despite being forgotten in the attic for more than 150 years.

French authorities have put a bar on the painting from leaving the country – describing it as a painting of ‘great artistic value’

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