Where's the Beef?

A Rare Case of Mad Cow Disease? This Washington State Cow Had A Beef With the Locals

He's Got a Beef - Residents of Mount Vernon Beware!
He’s Got a Beef – Residents of Mount Vernon Beware!


One of the local ‘bovine boyz’ got a little out of hand this past weekend when he had a “beef” with the locals.


Mount Vernon, Washington residents reported a cow on the loose, rampaging through town, upsetting an ongoing wedding and wreaking havoc on the streets of the city. 


The aggressive cow somehow got increasingly agitated and assaulted a police officer. The officer tried to corral the charging beefed up bovine, but he would have nothing of it, eventually tossing the officer into the air after his brief entrapment.


Several hours of chasing, running and rampaging, the cow managed to damage the hood of a police cruiser along with assaulting the officer himself.


The owner and the police force agreed, he must be brought down and sorry to say but this case of “mad cow” rampage came to abrupt end when officers shot and killed the roaming hamburger.


So tonight the residents of Mount Vernon are sleeping in peace, knowing that streets of Washington state are safe once more.





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