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Scientist Claim to Have Found Pyramid Like Structures in Antarctica

ANTARCTICA – Scientists have discovered something unusual in the Antarctic, a group of three unique pyramid form mountains – two discovered approximately 16 kilometers inland, while the third was found just near the coastline.


An expedition into the unusual structures should answer whether they are in fact man-made or if they are in fact naturally occurring structures.


The first reports about the pyramids appeared in western media last year – so far an exposition into the area has not been mapped out due to the extreme conditions of getting there.

Theorists believe that the structures would have been completely ice and snow covered, and possibly had interiors where entire ancient civilizations could have lived.

Today little is still known about the pyramids, the original team who discovered them have little to say about their discovery.

The team of scientists have said they will plan an expedition into the region and thoroughly investigate the structures to determine if they are in fact man-made or naturally occurring.

Scientists from other regions have noted that if the pyramids are in fact man-made structures, the discovery may bring one of the biggest revisions of human history known to mankind.

Just last week a group of scientists discovered one of the large fossil discoveries ever, taking over one ton of mammal, dinosaur and other fossils from just the first exposition.

In other recent discoveries, scientist found pollen in Antarctica in 2009, giving way to theories that palm trees may have existed there and that temps may have once reached 21C in the region.

Just three years later in 2012, scientists also discovered 32 species of bacteria in the waters of Lake Vida in East Antarctica.

Scientists have said that the Lost City of Atlantic is noted in many passages as not just being underwater, but also noted as being encased in ice – could the pyramids of Antarctica in fact be that of the long lost city of Atlantis? Only time will tell.

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