Ukraine Astronomers Name New Star “Putin Is A Dickhead” for Vladimir Putin


Putin - recipient of a new star that is born.
Putin – A Star is Born — Officially Called “Putin is a Dickhead” – and rightfully so


Astronomers from Ukraine have named a star Putin-Huilo for the Russian President, Vladimir Putin. What’s unusual about that you ask?


Huilo has a loose translation of Khuilo, which in essence loosely means ‘dickhead or fucker’ and also can be used in sentences meaning ‘asshole.’


The stars official designation isKIC  #9696936 and the new name officially the President of Russia “a dickhead.


The naming of the star comes from the day that Ukraine’s acting prime minister, Andriy Deshchystia, said in front a group of protestors “Putin in a dickhead.”


Today there is an official star high above the earth, named just for this occasion and one that will be remembered for centuries to come.








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