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The New BMW X-5 Hits the Cool Streets of Davao City – in a Hot Way!!


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The New BMW X-5 has come to the streets of Davao City, Philippines and by request I begged to … Continue Reading ››

Maragusan, Compostela Valley – One Giant Step Above Heaven


The Beauty of Nature in and around Maragusan Basin
The Beauty of Nature in and around Maragusan Basin – the beauty here in never ending



Maragusan is a small region, high in the mountains of Compostela Valley on Continue Reading ››

7 Important Facts You Should Know About the Philippine flag



Filipino knows the Philippine flag, but not everyone is familiar with its symbolism and history. As we celebrate Flag Day, here are some facts that you might have not known about our national emblem:

1. The Philippine flag was heavily inspired by the … Continue Reading ››

The Tubbataha Reef National Park: A Masterpiece in the Depths of the Sulu Sea

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The Tubbataha Reef National Park is formed from millions of years of underwater volcanoes. Though today the volcanoes are extinct, … Continue Reading ››

A Rare ‘Metal Eating’ Plant Discovered in the Philippines



Scientists in the Philippines have discovered a horrific thing, a metal eating plant. Now before you start visioning a plant attacking your car and eating through it, image this, a plant that can absorb massive amounts of nickel. What makes this plant rare you … Continue Reading ››