The World’s First Salt-Water Powered Car Gets Approval in Europe


The World's First Salt-Water Powered Car
The World’s First Salt-Water Powered Car – Pretty Snazzy Looking if You Ask Me?


The European company called NanoFlowCell has invented the very first approved car that runs on salt-water. The car dubbed “Quant” is noted as being an e-sportlimousine, whatever that is supposed to mean, I’m not exactly sure.


Ultimately, it’s an electric powered, high end luxury car. No hybrid, no fossil fuels, no emissions, no nothin’.


The car boasts 912 horsepower from four electric motors powered  ‘flow cell’ batteries. It hosts a horde of other noted features with a list that goes on and one, but in the end it says the car can do 0 to 60 in just 2.8 seconds.


 Flow Cell technology has been around for years but this is the first time anyone has used salt-water inside the cells. At a purported top speed of 236 mph, this is one car not to be messed with.


Now comes the issue, NanoFlowCell is asking Germany and other companies to allow it to road test their vehicle. But if the oil eating, gas refinery giants of the world get wind of the new high powered technology of NanoFlowCell, what will they do to keep this company from going public?


To learn and know more about the technology of flow cell batteries, click here to find out the low-down from Wikipedia:




…………… the link is not a technical formation of the system so it’s just a start for the curious that want to know more.







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